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    Spotlight on a Rapper

    Spentem is an eco-system of products and services that use technology, fashion, and direct sales to teach and promote restorative, economic and procedural justice. Our clothing has a purpose, our beverage has a reason, and our app has a mission.



    Each of our boutique t-shirts has a statement related to power organizing, economic independence and personal development, which are at the core of restorative justice.


    Wear your values and become a living campaign for what you represent. Your identity and what you stand for matters.


    Spentem Sparkling Honey Water is our flagship beverage. We produce it ourselves using very simple all natural ingredients.

    Through our Young Merchants Club, we donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our Sparkling Honey Water toward youth business plans to help dismantle economic injustice all too common in under-represented communities.

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    Spentem mobile app is a rapid response activism app that uses crowd-sourced technology to dismantle the procedural injustices average people face everyday.

    • Do you have a loved one who is incarcerated and not receiving all their rights?

    • Are you or someone you love being mistreated at work or school?

    • Is your landlord or supervisor taking advantage of their power over you?

    • Has a business discriminated against you?

    • Join the Spentem app, and get instant help from people all over the United States who will call, email or show up on your behalf in order to defeat the daily micro-injustices we're all forced to push through.

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