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Why an action club?

Praise and thanks to Allah, who has given us faith and life and the opportunity to achieve high rank with Him.

You can go anywhere online or in the world and learn Quran, fiqh, or hadith science. But where do you go to learn how to live real-world Islam?


Beginning with the Abbasid Caliphate (750 Common Era), Muslims' focus shifted from action-based goals, to more aesthetic ones i.e. art, literature, and architecture. The definition of knowledge also shifted from being real-world and experience-based, to academic and theory-based. 

We advocate for a return to real-world faith-objectives that are grounded in effort, exertion and activity.

Is there proof for this approach?

Allah says, "A group of them should go out in the world so they grow in understanding, and warn their people when they return, in order to avoid errors." Quran 9:122

The majority of Muslim academics believe that this verse means the group who stays behind, studies religion then instructs the group out in the world upon their return. That could be possible, however there is a minority opinion that seems more likely, which is that the group who goes out into the world and experiences fear, joy, and the exhilaration of life would be more worthy of returning to instruct others in the ways of true action-based faith as opposed to learning devoid of experience. 


After all, who really knows about hiking, the student who reads about what gear to use, the different types of terrain, and survival techniques, or the hiker who experiences malfunctioning equipment, sweltering heat, debilitating injury and all the real emotions that come with those conditions? 

What we believe

We hold seven sacred principles drawn from Quran

1. God can't be known by bullet points or verbal I.Q.

"We will continue to show them our evidence in the horizons and even within their own selves until it becomes clear to them that this is the truth. Is it not enough that your Lord is witness over all things?" 41:53

2. The goal of Islam is justice

"Oh believers, be persistent in standing firm for justice as witnesses for God, even if it's against yourselves, your parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God is more worthy of both. So don't follow your personal feelings because you might not be fair. And if you distort things or refuse to speak truth then indeed God is very aware of what you do." 4:135

3. Self-purification is obligatory

"The one who purifies himself has succeeded." 87:14

4. Social context is mandatory


"Accept from people what comes naturally for them; command what is good according to custom; and turn away from the ignorant without responding in kind.” 7:199

5. Service to others is key

"And they offer food, despite their own love for it, to the poor, the orphan and the prisoner, saying 'we feed you for the sake of God alone. We don't want any reward or thanks from you.'" 76:8-9


6. Civil discourse is priority

"Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and debate them with decorum." 16:125

7. Conversion to Islam is for God

"You definitely can't guide whoever you want. Allah guides whoever he wills and he knows best who is fit to be guided." 28:56

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