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practical learning

We teach in the tradition of the prophet Muhammad; without books or writing but instead through daily, weekly and monthly action-items that include Quran recitation, frequent codified supplications, serving the poor, interreligious fellowship, exercising, civil discourse with the "Other", visiting the sick and much more.

Program Length

Our program is ongoing

Through our collective and individual action-items we are constantly learning. And by way of our weekly circle reviews, we dialogue about the effects of our work, evaluating our personal reactions to challenges and triumphs as we go. This is the only way to change our lives and improve our collective trajectory for success.

Club Dues & Rules

There are $20.00 monthly membership dues to be paid anytime during the month but not after the month is over. The purpose of our dues is for the following reasons:

1. To assist members who may be in financial hardship

2. To assist needy local families 

3. To enhance our programming which includes monthly services to the community both Muslim and non-Muslim

4. To help finance our annual club trip

5. To bury our dead 


  • We facilitate three weekly review circles. Every member is expected to attend at least one circle a week. Failure to miss three circles in a row, will result in dismissal from our club.

  • Members are expected to participate in monthly service actions. Failure to participate in three monthly services actions in a row, will result in dismal from our club.

  • Failure to pay monthly dues for 3 months in a row without valid reason will result in dismal from our club.

Our club will not tolerate the following behavior, which will result in immediate dismal:

1. Any and all forms of violence, including assaulting other members, verbal abuse, threats or violent rhetoric

2. Any and all forms of illegal activity

3. Any and all forms of drug use 

4. Any and all derogatory name-calling aimed at other groups and people whether in person or on social media

5. Backbiting, slandering or tale-carrying

* We accept male and female club membership

Club Outcomes

By consistent participation in our action-based projects, our club members will be able to:

  • Understand that Allah isn't known through study but by experiencing faith

  • Grasp the true objectives of Islam beyond rote ritual, which include spiritual insight, justice, service and tolerance

  • Use empathy when engaging with alternative beliefs and lifestyles contrary to Islam

  • Increase moral and ethical excellence through self-evaluation

  • Practice daily spiritual exercises to enhance their personal lives

  • Hold objective civil discourse about nuanced social issues concerning race, gender and religion

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